ITEM: 2007 Cat 325D FM Log Loader s/n CAT0325DCC9M00139 w/ Weldco

  • Unit damaged by fire
  • LOCATION: Tri Valley Construction Ltd. Phone (250) 295-3321


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SAM_5924 SAM_5925 SAM_5926 SAM_5927 SAM_5928 SAM_5929 SAM_5930 SAM_5931 SAM_5932 SAM_5933 SAM_5934 SAM_5935 SAM_5936 SAM_5937 SAM_5880 SAM_5881 SAM_5882 SAM_5884 SAM_5885 SAM_5886 SAM_5887 SAM_5888 SAM_5889 SAM_5890 SAM_5891 SAM_5892 SAM_5893 SAM_5894 SAM_5895 SAM_5896 SAM_5897 SAM_5898 SAM_5899 SAM_5900 SAM_5901 SAM_5902 SAM_5903 SAM_5904 SAM_5905 SAM_5906 SAM_5907 SAM_5908 SAM_5909 SAM_5910 SAM_5911 SAM_5912 SAM_5913 SAM_5914 SAM_5915 SAM_5916 SAM_5917 SAM_5919 SAM_5921 SAM_5922 SAM_5923